Competent, Quality Consulting and Solutions.


We tried to implement a quality management system.  We invested our resources and made little progress.  JDA provided the leadership and guidance that helped us get our system registered quicker than we thought was possible!!

Between JDA and my registrar, ISO compliance seems too easy!!

Mark Hirsch


G&M Die Casting Co., Inc.


During our ISO integration project, JDA helped create the vehicle and tools required for us to successfully implement and maintain our registration year after year. Thanks again JDA!


Kevin M. Bohlmann

Quality Manager

Oetlinger Precision Mfg. Co.


JDA provided us with everything that we needed to achieve our management system goals.  The implementation included the application of lean office principles while we prepared for our system registration!  Our customers and potential customers are consistently impressed by our totally integrated system and recognize the assurance that it provides!

Matt Thavis

Program Manager

Acme Alliance


JDA developed a well defined custom system that actually helped me do my job more efficiently.  In my experience, registered management systems require a lot of effort and resources to maintain…JDA systems are a perfect fit!

Scott Scheffel

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Dexter Magnetic Technology


Excellent resource!  Working with Joe (JDA) we were able to evaluate our existing methods, improve these methods, and then document them so that they satisfied the compliance requirements of international standards. 



Mitch Grogan

Forecast Analyst


Working with JDA we have been able to significantly improve the quality of our purchased components. I have no problem referring JDA and their services!


Peter Thermansen


Blanking Systems Incorporated


JDA provided the support that we needed to develop a system that completely fits our organization.  Fortunately, JDA helped us make our quoting system more efficient because our registration has opened new markets and our quoting opportunities have more than doubled!

Caz Szydlo
Engineering Manager
G&M Die Casting Co., Inc.

 JDA helped me establish and subsequently demonstrate the compliance of my design process.  The associated documentation was very easy to follow and maintain because of how well it reflected my organization.  It provided additional value as a great orientation and training tool for new hires.  My registration was concurrent with company acquisition integration activities so I greatly appreciated JDA's approach of providing initial compliance documentation that I fine tuned.  I highly recommend JDA for their sensible, cost effective approach to establishing and maintaining quality system compliance. 

Rob Neufelder           

Director of Operations
Integrated Project Management
(worked with JDA at a previous employer)  


We had a quality system that had been implemented and registered by Perry Johnson.  With very little interruption to our day-to-day activities, JDA interviewed our personnel, observed our methods, and reconstructed our systems.  JDA helped us to significantly upgrade our system and to recognize the robustness of our actual process and methods. 

Garth Davies
General Manager
Enameled Steel

Joe, thanks so much for your help in compressing our time line, you were a big part of our success...(after successful ISO-13485 implementation and registration).

Fred Wise
Wise Plastics Technologies